Our palms

The following list contains all the palm species we are currently working with:

In progress: We are trying to get seeds, or waiting for them to germinate… it can take many years ­čÖü

Soon: Some of our seeds have already germinated. We will be able to put them on sale in mini format in a matter of months (up to 24).

Available:┬áYou can find this species in our online store ­čÖé

Common nameSpeciesState
PAUROTIS PALMAcoelorrhaphe wrightiiIn progress
BLUE PAUROTIS PALMAcoelorrhaphe wrightii ‘blue’Soon
BANGALOW PALMArchontophoenix cunninghamianaIn progress
FORMOSA PALMArenga engleriSoon
HIGH PLATEAU COCONUT PALMBeccariophoenix alfrediiSoon
BISMARCK PALMBismarckia nobilisSoon
SONORA HESPER PALMBrahea aculeataIn progress
BLUE HESPER PALMBrahea armataSoon
PITSHAN HESPER PALMBrahea calcarea (=B. nitida)In progress
BAMELBrahea dulcisIn progress
GUADALUPE PALMBrahea edulisIn progress
POWDER PALMBrahea mooreiSoon
BLUE HESPER PALM OF THE HIGHLANDSBrahea super-silverAvailable
BUTIÁButia odorataAvailable
DWARF YATAY PALMButia paraguayensisIn progress
YATAYButia yatayAvailable
HIMALAYAN FISH TAIL PALMCaryota maxima var himalayaSoon
QUINDIO WAX PALMCeroxylon quindiuenseIn progress
HARDY BAMBOO PALMChamaedorea microspadixIn progress
MEDITERRANEAN FAN PALMChamaerops humilisSoon
FAN PALM OF THE ATLASChamaerops humilis var ceriferaAvailable
ANANACHICARI PALMCopernicia albaSoon
SPINDLE PALMHyophorbe verschaffeltiiSoon
LALA PALMHyphaene coriaceaSoon
CHILEAN COCOPALMJubaea chilensisAvailable
MILLSTREAM PALMLivistona alfrediiAvailable
AUSTRALIAN CABBAGE PALMLivistona australisIn progress
WEEPING CABBAGE PALMLivistona decoraAvailable
WEEPING SAND PALMLivistona humilisSoon
ARGUN PALMMedemia argunSoon
MAZARI PALMNannorrhops ritchieanaIn progress
JANCHICOCO PALMParajubaea torallyiIn progress
CANARY ISLANDS DATE PALMPhoenix canariensisIn progress
RIVERBED DATE PALMPhoenix ibericaAvailable
MOUNTAIN DATE PALMPhoenix loureiroiIn progress
SENEGAL DATE PALMPhoenix reclinataAvailable
PYGMY DATE PALMPhoenix roebeleniiSoon
CLIFF DATE PALMPhoenix rupicolaSoon
SILVER DATE PALMPhoenix sylvestrisAvailable
CRETE DATE PALMPhoenix theophrastiIn progress
MAJESTIC PALMRavenea rivularisIn progress
NEEDLE PALMRhapidophyllum hystrixSoon
NIKAU PALMRhopalostylis sapidaIn progress
DWARF PALMETTOSabal minorAvailable
CABBAGE PALMETTOSabal palmettoAvailable
CABBAGE PALMETTO ‘LISA’Sabal palmetto subsp. lisaAvailable
WHITE PALMETTOSabal uresanaSoon
SAW PALMETTOSerenoa repensIn progress
COCOS PLUMOSASyagrus romanzoffianaIn progress
ARIKURY PALMSyagrus schizophyllaIn progress
CHUSAN WINDMILL PALMTrachycarpus fortuneiAvailable
SIKKIM WINDMILL PALMTrachycarpus latisectusSoon
PRINCE WINDMILL PALMTrachycarpus princepsSoon
DWARH CHUSAN WINDMILL PALMTrachycarpus wagnerianusAvailable
BRASILIAN SPINY FIBER PALMTrithrinax brasiliensisIn progress
CARANDAY PALMTrithrinax campestrisSoon
KATONG PALMWallichia distichaIn progress
CALIFORNIA FAN PALMWashingtonia filiferaAvailable
MEXICAN FAN PALMWashingtonia robustaAvailable
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