Our palms

The following list contains all the palm species we are currently working with:
Common name Species State
BANGALOW PALM Archontophoenix cunninghamiana In progress
FORMOSA PALM Arenga engleri In progress
BISMARCK PALM Bismarckia nobilis Available
SONORA HESPER PALM Brahea aculeata In progress
BLUE HESPER PALM Brahea armata In progress
PITSHAN HESPER PALM Brahea calcarea In progress
BAMEL Brahea dulcis In progress
GUADALUPE PALM Brahea edulis In progress
BUTIÁ Butia odorata Soon
DWARF YATAY PALM Butia paraguayensis In progress
YATAY Butia yatay Soon
HIMALAYAN FISH TAIL PALM Caryota maxima var himalaya In progress
QUINDIO WAX PALM Ceroxylon quindiuense In progress
MEDITERRANEAN FAN PALM Chamaerops humilis In progress
FAN PALM OF THE ATLAS Chamaerops humilis var cerifera Available
ANANACHICARI PALM Copernicia alba In progress
CHILEAN COCOPALM Jubaea chilensis In progress
WEEPING CABBAGE PALM Livistona decora Available
ARGUN PALM Medemia argun Soon
MAZARI PALM Nannorrhops ritchieana In progress
JANCHICOCO PALM Parajubaea torallyi In progress
CANARY ISLANDS DATE PALM Phoenix canariensis In progress
RIVERBED DATE PALM Phoenix iberica Available
MOUNTAIN DATE PALM Phoenix loureiroi In progress
SENEGAL DATE PALM Phoenix reclinata Available
PYGMY DATE PALM Phoenix roebelenii In progress
CLIFF DATE PALM Phoenix rupicola Soon
SILVER DATE PALM Phoenix sylvestris In progress
CRETE DATE PALM Phoenix theophrasti Available
MAJESTIC PALM Ravenea rivularis In progress
DWARF PALMETTO Sabal minor In progress
CABBAGE PALMETTO Sabal palmetto Available
CABBAGE PALMETTO ‘LISA’ Sabal palmetto subsp. lisa Available
WHITE PALMETTO Sabal uresana In progress
SAW PALMETTO Serenoa repens In progress
COCOS PLUMOSA Syagrus romanzoffiana Available
ARIKURY PALM Syagrus schizophylla In progress
CHUSAN WINDMILL PALM Trachycarpus fortunei Soon
SIKKIM WINDMILL PALM Trachycarpus latisectus Soon
PRINCE WINDMILL PALM Trachycarpus princeps In progress
DWARH CHUSAN WINDMILL PALM Trachycarpus wagnerianus Available
BRASILIAN SPINY FIBER PALM Trithrinax brasiliensis In progress
CARANDAY PALM Trithrinax campestris In progress
CALIFORNIA FAN PALM Washingtonia filifera Available
MEXICAN FAN PALM Washingtonia robusta Available
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