DWARF YATAY PALM (Butia paraguayensis)

An off-road palm tree

This Butia seems to have adapted to resist all kinds of inclement weather, and may evolved a more compact size in order to withstand. Although it can develop a superficial trunk, most specimens are rhizomatic and only develop a crown of beautiful leaves gracefully arched above the ground. This allows them to survive frosts, droughts, strong winds, fires, and can even colonize habitats as inhospitable as sandbanks and rocky ravines.

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Habitat: Generally in grasslands and opens of Atlantic forests.

Distribution: River Plate Basin.

Description: Single-trunked, monoecious palm, up to 2 meters, initially rhizomatic trunk, then gray with foliar scars, sharply arched pinnate leaves of bluish green color up to 1.50 meters long, yellow inflorescence in spatula and small yellow to purple fruits. 









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