CARANDAY PALM (Trithrinax campestris)

The palm tree with the stiffest leaves

The caranday is known as the palm with the stiffest leaves in the world. Its bluish-colored leaves have a hardness that is also characteristic of other drought-resistant plants such as mediterránean oaks, which are called sclerophyllous plants. Both the rigidity and the bluish hue of the leaves are characteristics of very hardy plants that are resistant to aridity. This is not only a drought- and frost-proof palm, but it also has an undoubted unique beauty.

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Habitat: In savannah areas, ravines, and canyons.

Distribution: Pampean Plain.

Description: Single-trunked or clustering, hermaphrodite palm, up to 6 meters long, with a trunk generally covered by leaves or dry leaf petioles, palmate leaves that are bluish-green, almost silvery on the underside, up to 1.20 meters long, short yellow inflorescence and dark brown fruits.








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