MAZARI PALM (Nannorrhops ritchieana)

A bushy palm

If we were to associate this palm with a woody plant tipe, it would certainly be with bushes and not trees. That is why its name Nannorrhops in Greek means “small bush”. This short, bluish-colored palm tree has an underground main stem, and it is its branches that emerge and grow erect above the ground. These, in turn, can branch out halfway up, forming an incredibly original palm tree.

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Habitat: On slopes and desert valleys.

Distribution: Zagros and Hindukush Mountains.

Description: Clustering and sometimes branched, hermaphrodite palm, up to 6 meters long, with an initially rhizomatic trunk that becomes aerial in older individuales, covered by orange fibers and remnants of old leaves, bluish-green palmate leaves up to 2 meters long, long, white, upright inflorescence growing on a branch of the trunk that later dies, small orange-brown fruits.







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