SENEGAL DATE PALM (Phoenix reclinata)

One of the few multi-stemmed palms with pinnate leaves

The Senegal date palm differs from other Phoenix by its dark green leaves and above all by its multi-stemmed growth, that is, each plant grows several trunks branched from the ground level. This makes this species, very rare in gardening in Europe, an original and perfect option for decorating spacious gardens and ponds with isolated clumps.

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Habitat: Diverse habitats in African dry forest and savannah, including monsoon forest, riverbanks, ravines, and floodplains, from the sea level to 3,000 meters above.

Distribution: Sub-Saharan Africa except southwest, and some parts of Madagascar and the Arabian Peninsula.

Description: Multi-stemmed palm with reclining lateral specimens, dioecious, up to 15 meters tall, with a brown trunk with scars, intense green pinnate leaves 3-4 meters long, interfoliar yellow-greenish inflorescence and small orange dates.



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