ARIKURY PALM (Syagrus schizophylla)

The palm tree with a parrot-beak trunk 

This palm is also known in English as the parrot palm due to the peculiar appearance of its trunk. Unlike most of the Syagrus, the Arikury palm keeps the petioles of its leaves anchored to the trunk for a long time. The vertically oriented leaf bases are pointed (hence the name) and spirally arranged leading up to an elegant crown of tropical-looking green leaves.

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Habitat: Restinga, ecosystem of coastal dunes.

Distribution: Northern coast of Brazil

Description: Single-trunked, monoecious palm, up to 5 meters tall, with a narrow trunk that maintains the base of the leaves in a showy spiral arrangement, intense green pinnate leaves up to 2.5 meters long, yellowish inflorescence and showy orange fruits.








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