FORMOSA PALM (Arenga engleri)

The palm tree that gives life for its descendants

This small palm with an elegant pinnate leaf, despite its tropical origin, is surprisingly resistant to cold, making it an excellent option for any garden. It is one of the few monocarpic palm trees, that is, the stem dies after fruiting. The good news is that it is a multi-stemmed palm, so new shoots will quickly replace those that have already flowered.

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Habitat: Under the canopy of tropical forests.

Distribution: Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands.

Description: Multi-stemmed, monoecious palm tree, up to 3 meters tall, with a trunk that is densely covered with fibers from the foliar ligules, palmate olive-green leaves up to 2.5 meters long with somewhat recurved leaflets, green or orange fragrant inflorescences and small purple fruits.







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