POWDER PALM (Brahea moorei)

The most sought after of its kind

This species of Brahea has a series of characteristics that, together with its scarcity in the markets, make it a sought-after treasure for all collectors. Those characteristics are the impressive chalky white of the underside of its leaves, its impressive tolerance to cold, the scarcity of thorns, and its small size that make it ideal for small gardens and pots.

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Habitat: Dry forest at 1500-2000 meters of altitude

Distribution: Eastern Sierra Madre of Mexico

Description: Single-trunked, dioecious palm, up to 1,20 meters tall, with a rhizomatic trunk, palmate leaves that are whitish-dark green on the upper side and impressively powdery white on the underside, 1,20 meters long, inflorescence longer than the crown, yellowish, and small brown fruits.








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