WHITE PALMETTO (Sabal uresana)

The white palm of the desert

While the Sabal genus is typically from the jungle areas of the southeastern coast of the United States and the Caribbean, the white palmetto is the only one of the genus that comes from the Sonoran Desert. This gives it unique qualities that combine properties of palmettos, such as the imposing size and appearance of its costapalmate leaves, and others characteristics typical of xeric palms, such as its tolerance to drought greater than that of other palmettos and the attractive silver color of its leaves.

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Habitat: Oak forest, xeric scrub and low deciduous forest.

Distribution: Western Sierra Madre

Description: Single-trunked, hermaphrodite palm, up to 20 meters long, with an initially rhizomatic and then aerial trunk covered by the remains of the leaves, silvery-green costapalmate leaves with a reclining coast up to 4.5 meters long, yellowish inflorescence and brownish or lack fruit.








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