BRASILIAN SPINY FIBER PALM (Trithrinax brasiliensis)

The cactish palm

The trunk of this palm is covered with sharp black spines up to 10 centimeters long, as if it were a cactus. These thorns are not actually part of the trunk of the palm tree, but are part of the petioles of the old leaves that have been hugged to the trunk. Many palm trees have spines on the petioles of their leaves, but most do not retain them when the leaves are discarded.

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Habitat: In rocky areas, dry forests and savannahs.

Distribution: Guaíba River Basin.

Description: Normally single-trunked, hermaphrodite palm, up to 15 meters tall, with a trunk covered by fibers and long thorns from the petioles of the old leaves, palmate green leaves up to 1.50 meters long, short yellow inflorescence and brownish fruits.









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