BLUE HESPER PALM (Brahea armata)


The beauty of fireworks

One of the most notable characteristics of this famous palm tree with blue-silver leaves, which can only be enjoyed by those who have a mature specimen, is its flowering. When flowering, this palm develops spadices up to 5 meters long covered with feathery white inflorescences, which can be impressive. Seeing one of these palms expand its flower clusters, which protrude noticeably from the crown and sometimes reach almost to the ground, is comparable to seeing the expansive explosion of a firework in slow motion.

Habitat: Grows in canyons and rocky desert soils

Distribution: Sonoran Desert

Description: Single-trunked , hermaphrodite palm, up to 15 meters tall, with a gray trunk with foliar scars and often bulging at the base, costapalmate leaves of prominent bluish-white color and up to 3 meters long, white inflorescences up to 5 meters long that protrude notably from the cup and small brown fruits.

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