YATAY (Butia yatay)

The gastronomic pearl of Colón

This palm tree is not only by far the tallest and most slender of its genus. Its fleshy ripe fruit, very rich in vitamins A and C and a source of potassium, was consumed by the indigenous people on the banks of the Uruguay River. Still today, it is considered a delicacy: The chefs of hotels and restaurants around El Palmar National Park, where the largest populations of Yatay can be found, have rediscovered this ingredient and use it to prepare various recipes such as jellies, dressings, sauces, desserts and even spirits.


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Habitat: In Atlantic forest or forming dense monospecific palm groves.

Distribution: Río de la Plata Basin.

Description: Single, monoecious palm tree, up to 12 meters tall, with a slender gray trunk with foliar scars, slightly arched bluish pinnate leaves up to 2.50 meters long, yellow spatula inflorescence and edible orange fruits.









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