PITSHAN HESPER PALM (Brahea calcarea)

The beauty of youth

This original hesper palm reminds us of time passing by. When young, and until it has a developed a trunk, it delights us with intense green, almost circular, tropical-looking leaves. However, as it ages, its features change too. The leaflets become more divided and the leaves take on more bluish hues, typical of many Braheas. Although it changes as it become older, let’s not forget that beauty has no age.


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Habitat: Open forests from 900 to 2000 meters above sea level.

Distribution: Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra de Chiapas.

Description: Unicaule palm, hermaphrodite, up to 10 meters tall, trunk with remains of old leaves, green costapalmate leaves, often bluish on the underside, up to 1.50 meters long, white inflorescence notably protruding from the crown, small orange fruits.



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