PYGMY DATE PALM (Phoenix roebelenii)

A delicate tropical-looking bonsai

This original date tree stands out for its small size, since the largest specimens do not exceed three meters in height. With its small pinnate bright green leaves and slender trunk, it truly does look like an exotic tropical palm tree in miniature. This beautiful palm is therefore perfect for a small garden or a container, and it looks great planted in groups or in a lush corner of the garden.

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Habitat: It grows on the banks of rivers in areas of running water and waterfalls.

Distribution: Mekong River Basin.

Description: Sometimes clustering but generally single-stemmed, dioecious palm, up to 3 meters, trunk with bulging scars from fallen leaves, bright green pinnate leaves 1.5 meters long, white or yellowish interfoliar inflorescence and small black dates.









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