GUADALUPE PALM (Brahea edulis)

An endemic palm threatened by goats

The survival of this small but beautiful palm tree in its natural habitat, the desert Guadalupe Island in Baja California, has been threatened by goats that were introduced for hunting in the 19th century and which feed on seeds and seedlings. The establishment of exclusion zones and population control tasks since 2002 have managed to save this species, which is currently experiencing a new flourishing in its original habitat.

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Habitat: Arid areas, often on steep rocky outcrops.

Distribution: Guadalupe Island.

Description: Single stem, hermaphrodite palm, up to 11 meters tall, with a greyish-brown trunk with slight leaf scars and no leaf remains, light green palmate leaves up to 1.50-2 meters long, 1-meter yellowish inflorescence and edible black fruits.







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