LALA PALM (Hyphaene coriacea)

A branching palm tree

There’s a reason Hyphaenes are distinctive, and that’s because they can branch midway up the trunk, which is pretty amazing in the palm world (see Are Palms actually Trees?). This species is the one that rarely does so, but it is our choice as it is also the one that can endure the coldest, even if it is not too cold.

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Habitat: Littoral region, even in the dunes.

Distribution: From the Horn of Africa to the Kalahari desert and western Madagascar

Description: Multicaule palm that can branch at medium height, dioecious, up to 9 meters tall, with a brown trunk with scars, strongly costapalmate leaves of a dusty green color 2 meters long, yellow-green inflorescence and small orange fruits.








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