CABBAGE PALMETTO ‘LISA’ (Sabal palmetto subsp. lisa)


A very exclusive palmetto subspecies

This subspecies of Sabal palmetto was discovered in 2005 and named after the wife of the botanist who firts described it. A few specimens were found in the southwest of Florida, USA. The main difference with respect to the parent species is its striking leaves, flatter and harder, and with fused leaflets giving them a showy pleated or fan-like appearance.

Habitat: In marshy areas, riverbanks, pine forests, and coastal dunes

Distribution: Southwestern Florida.

Description: Hermaphroditic, solitary trunked, up to 24 meters tall, with an initially rhizomatic and then aerial trunk covered by the remains of the leaves, slighly costapalmate, coriaceous leaves, with fused leaflets of an intense green, of 1.5-2 meters long, white or yellowish flowers and purple fruit.

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