CABBAGE PALMETTO (Sabal palmetto)


The green gold of Florida

The most abundant palm in the southeastern United States, both naturally and as an ornamental plant. Highly appreciated among local landscapers. So much so that it is very common to see transplanted specimens from the wild for their use as decorative plants. For example, it is common to see them along the highways of Florida, planted like telephone poles. Being removed from their habitat and replanted without maintenance, they suffer during the dry season in their new location.

Habitat: In marshy areas, riverbanks, pine forests, and coastal dunes

Distribution: From North Carolina to southern Florida, West Indies, and western Cuba.

Description: Hermaphroditic, solitary trunked, up to 24 meters tall, with an initially rhizomatic and then aerial trunk covered by the remains of the leaves, costapalmate intense green leaves of 1.5-2 meters long, white or yellowish flowers and purple fruit.

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