MAJESTIC PALM (Ravenea rivularis)

The river palm

As its name (rivularis) indicates, this is a palm tree that grows in the river. In fact, it forms galleries on the banks of rivers, on the edge of the humid forests of southern Madagascar. This beautiful, tropical-looking, fast-growing palm tree has no problem growing with its roots directly submerged in water, but it will suffer if it doesn’t have enough water in the soil.

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Habitat: Canyons and riverbanks in humid forests.

Distribution: Onilahy and Mangoky River Basins

Description: Single-trunked, dioecious palm tree, up to 25 meters, with a gray trunk convex at the base with rings of leaf scars, green pinnate leaves, up to 2.5 meters long, white inflorescence and intense red fruits.









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