CALIFORNIA FAN PALM (Washingtonia filifera)

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A fire-loving palm

The dense skirt of dry leaves that accumulate on the trunk of these pyrophyllous palms serves as fuel to enhance fires, so it is recommended to clean them frequently in parks and gardens. Thanks to their thick trunks, these palms are able to survive fire, and even benefit from it as it stimulates their reproduction and eliminate other competing plants that may grow in their surroundings.

Habitat: Forming oases in canyons, riverbanks, and phreatic water accumulations in desert areas.

Distribution: Mojave and Colorado deserts.

Description: Single-trunked, hermaphrodite palm, up to 20 meters tall, with a thick trunk that keeps its leaves dry for several years forming a skirt, palmate pale-green leaves with many filaments when young up to 2 meters long, yellowish-whitish inflorescence that protrudes notably from the cup and small black or reddish fruits.

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