NEEDLE PALM (Rhapidophyllum hystrix)

The most cold hardy palm

It is believed that this is the palm species that withstands the coldest temperatures, being able to survive -25ºC without any protection, competing in this record with the Chusan Windmill Palm. The natural populations of this North American palm are in endangered due to their slow germination and their generally unsuccessful reproduction, toghether with the extraction of wild specimens to be sold as ornamentals.

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Habitat: Under the canopy of temperate forests and swamps

Distribution: Florida and southern United States

Description: Multistem, hermaphrodite palm, rarely longer than 3.5 meters tall, trunk with strongly encircling foliar remains, bright green pinnate leaves, slightly bluish on the underside, 2 meters long, short yellowish or lilac inflorescence and small globose purple fruits. to brown, covered with yellowish tomentum.








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