AUSTRALIAN CABBAGE PALM (Livistona australis)

The second southernmost palm tree on the planet

The specific epithet australis refers to the fact that it is the most “austral” (that is, southern) palm of its genus, and is only surpassed by the Nikau palm, which marks the southern limit of the general distribution of Arecaceae on the planet. However, this epithet has been confused with the name of the continent on which it grows, giving it the vernacular name “Australian Cabbage Palm”.

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Habitat: Mountainous and swampy rainforests.

Distribution: East coast of Australia.

Description: Single-trunked, dioecious palm, up to 25 meters tall, with a brown trunk with leaf scars, bright green palmate leaves 2-3 meters long, pale white basal inflorescence and small black fruits.



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