CHILEAN COCOPALM (Jubaea chilensis)

The palm with the thickest trunk

Among the many virtues of this palm, such as its delicious edible nuts or its jelly with which wines are made, it is perhaps worth highlighting its imposing trunk that makes it remarkable as an ornamental palm. The Chilean coconut has a clean gray, ringed trunkthat stands out for its thickness, since it can reach 2 meters in diameter. Some compare its impressive trunk to the columns of the ancient Egyptian temple of Karnak.

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Habitat: Chilean schrublands and dry forests.

Distribution: Mediterranean ecoregion of Southamerica.

Description: Single-trunked, monoecious palm, up to 25 meters, with an imposing gray trunk with rings of old leaf scars, dark green or bluish pinnate leaves up to 4 meters, small purple inflorescence and orange fruits the size of a plum.








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