MOUNTAIN DATE PALM (Phoenix loureiroi)

A palm tree that adapts to the environment

The enormous adaptability of the traits of this species to the environment in which it grows is surprising. For example, when this palm grows in a humid semi-shade environment, it will tend to be a unicaule palm with light green, feathery leaves. However, if it is exposed to direct sun, it will tend to be multi-stemmed, dividing its growth between its stipes and therefore growing more slowly, with more compact and bluish leaves.

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Habitat: Rocky slopes, pastures and forests from sea level to 1700 meters above sea level.

Distribution: Himalayan range and Indochina.

Description: Single-trunked or clustering, dioecious palm, up to 4 meters tall, with a slender trunk with foliar scars, slightly arched dark green pinnate leaves up to 2 meters long, yellowish inflorescence and bluish-black fruits.










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