WEEPING SAND PALM (Livistona humilis)

A small palm tree in the edges

This palm does not seem very comfortable in the “grey areas”. It is the first Livistona to be described by botanists, the smallest in the genus. In its natural habitat it is very resistant and can even regrow after fires. On the contrary, it is very delicate in cultivation, where it suffers during transplants and is very prone to picking up phytopathogenic fungi, but with proper care it is a precious specimen for small gardens.

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Habitat: Eucalyptus savannah on sandy soil.

Distribution: Northern Territory of Australia

Description: Single-trunked, dioecious palm, up to 6 meters tall but usually shorter, with a dark gray trunk that maintains foliar remains for several years, pale to shiny green palmate leaves 0.5-1 meter long, yellowish inflorescence and black fruits. bright.








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