DWARF CHUSAN WINDMILL PALM (Trachycarpus wagnerianus)


The bonsai version of the Chusan Windmill Palm

This windmill palm does not exist in nature, and was created by human domestication in Japan where it was discovered by the horticulturist Albert Wagner of Leipzig in 1873, who had a prosperous cold-hardy palm nursery in the North of Germany. This dwarf variety of the Chusan fan palm has started to gain popularity not long ago, when its qualities as an ornamental plant for small gardens and pots was finally appreciated.

Habitat: There are no known natural populations.

Distribution: Cultivated variety possibly created in Japan.

Description: A single-truncked, dioecious palm tree, up to 9 meters tall, with a trunk covered with fibers from the ligules of the leaves, dark green palmate leaves up to 0.7 meters long, yellowish inflorescence and small black fruits.

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