MEXICAN FAN PALM (Washingtonia robusta)

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Hollywood’s favorite

The Mexican Fan Palm is a very fast growing and hardy palm, making it the favorite palm of urban planners and landscapers around the world. For example, the massive palm trees that adorn the avenues of Hollywood and that we see in movies and series belong to this species. In one year alone, the Los Angeles forestry division planted more than 25,000 trees in preparation for the 1932 Olympics.

Habitat: Forms oases in canyons, riverbanks, and phreatic water accumulations in desert areas.
Distribution: Sonora Desert.
Description: Hermaphrodite, solitary trunked palm up to 30 meters tall, with orange trunk swollen at the base that keeps dry leaves for several years forming a skirt when young, shiny green palmate leaves with filaments when young up to 1.5 meters long, greenish-yellowish inflorescence and small black fruits.

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