Acrocomia and Chamaedorea

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Chromolithograph, von Martius (1823-37)

This is one of the most beautiful illustrations by the naturalist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, published in “Historia Naturalis Palmarum” (volume 3, table 138). The plate shows a group of Mayan indigenous people skinning a jaguar under a cocoyol tree, Acrocomia aculeata, in the Atlantic rainforests of southern Mexico. On the left, you can see another palm tree, the tepejilote cuiliote or Chamaedorea oblongata, a species discovered and described by von Martius himself during his expedition through Central America.

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Botanical illustrations restored by Palmer Brothers, in high-quality twelve-ink printing on 100% cotton paper. We use museum-quality, acid-free paper that offers a natural white with a soft velvety touch and a smooth surface, achieving excellent color reproduction and durability. Our prints are a careful selection of old botanical illustrations, of high quality and beauty, ideal for decorating your home or office with taste or as a gift to a palm tree lover. Available in sizes 30×40 and/or 50×70 cm depending on the model.

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