Phoenix reclinata

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Chromolithograph, von Martius (1823-37)

We recovered this delicate illustration by the renowned naturalist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius from his famous tome “Historia Naturalis Palmarum” (volume 3, table 164). The illustration focuses on a young specimen of the Senegal date palm growing in the Fish River Canyon, one of the most impressive places in Namibia. Other elements of African flora, such as Zamia horrida, Sterlitzia reginae, and Acacias are grouped around it.

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Botanical illustrations restored by Palmer Brothers, in high-quality twelve-ink printing on 100% cotton paper. We use museum-quality, acid-free paper that offers a natural white with a soft velvety touch and a smooth surface, achieving excellent color reproduction and durability. Our prints are a careful selection of old botanical illustrations, of high quality and beauty, ideal for decorating your home or office with taste or as a gift to a palm tree lover. Available in sizes 30×40 and/or 50×70 cm depending on the model.

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