Endotherapy kit against red weevil


Complete set of prevention against red weevil

Complete starter kit to protect your palm trees against red weevil, with everything you need to treat palm trees by endotherapy against red weevil (except the insecticide, which must be obtained from a local distributor of phytosanitary products). Includes detailed instructions in English.

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The endotherapy system that we distribute, developed by a Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience in the field, has demonstrated its effectiveness through various scientific trials. It is an easy to apply, ecofriendly, and safe treatment, since the phytosanitary products are not applied in the environment but rather a small amount is injected directly into the plant. Hence, we minimize the amount of insecticide applied, obtaining the maximum effectiveness of the product as it is directed systemically to the sap of the plant.

The Palmer Brothers-SOSPALM kit includes:

-Detailed instruction sheet in English.

-Two pegs (to choose 15 cm or 25 cm*), enough to treat the first palm tree (to treat more than one palm trees you will only need to add more pegs; the rest of the kit components will be used for as many palm trees as necessary)

-Basic palm drill bit

-Countersink tool

-Healing paste 300 g

-Sap-remover punch

-Syringe with extension

-Invigorating liquid 1 l

*use 25 cm for palms with a stipe (trunk) greater than 50 cm in diameter, for example Phoenix canariensis not brushed. For most palms, including brushed P canariensis, use 15 cm stakes.

If you prefer that a professional technician takes care of your palm trees, see our services.

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