5 reasons to buy our mini palms

The palms in ‘mini’ format are one of our flagship products

The ‘mini’ palms are palm trees with a plant height between 20 and 50 centimeters, which are beginning to develop a trunk, and which are presented in LPDE bags with a volume of two liters of substrate. Each ‘mini’ palm tree that we sell to our customers through the online store is packaged in our elegant box, specially designed for the safe and careful shipment of this type of plant. But the pleasure of receiving at home this beautiful box that witnesses the premium product it contains is only the beginning. And this is because we at Palmer Brothers believe that there are really many advantages of buying one of our ‘mini’ palms online instead of choosing to buy a larger palm tree or a palm in any other form or from a different supplier. In this post, we focus on five reasons why you might decide to order your cold-hardy, resistant palm in ‘mini’ format from us today.

1 See how they grow

There is no greater pleasure that a palm lover can experience than watching their plants grow. This feeling is really much greater when they enjoy the growth of the plant since it is still very young. And that is because plants, like many other living beings, have unique juvenile characteristics, and change their appearance as they approach maturity. When buying a mature individual, one will only be able to see it increase in size, but when buying a ‘mini’ plant, one will witness, depending on the species, how the new leaves are getting bigger, with more leaflets, or they take out their first thorns, and how they develop a small trunk which will grow progressively. And we should not be scared that they grow very slowly. Although there is a tendency to think that palm trees are all slow-growing, this is not the case at all. Some like the Washingtonia or the Caryota, to name two examples, once established can grow more than a meter and a half per year!

2 Very afordable

Palm trees are not exactly cheap. However, buying them small will allow you to have one or more palm trees in your garden at a really competitive price. Not only because the plant is smaller, but also because it weighs less so the shipping cost is significantly reduced. In our store, you will find ‘mini’ palm trees from as low as €9.90, and all our palm trees, even the rarest and most exotic, are always priced below €30. Quite a bargain!

3 More sustainable

Palmer Brothers ‘mini’ palm trees are an example of sustainable gardening, and here we give you the keys to why. First and foremost, minimal transportation, which is one of the largest sources of emissions and pollution from ornamental plant production. All our ‘mini’ palm trees have been born from seed, and grown throughout their short life, in our greenhouses in Candeleda, and from there they are sent to their definitive home. The emissions from transporting the seeds to our facilities is really the minimum possible, and sending a small plant to the final buyer does not emit as much as if the plant had been transported between growers, nurseries, and various garden centers, and then sent to the final recipient at a larger size. In addition to this, our mini palm trees have been raised on sustainable coconut fiber substrate, fertilized with certified organic farming fertilizers, and the LDPE bags have the lowest plastic weight that one can imagine. These plants will actually absorb much more CO2 than their production emits over their lifetimes!

4 Better adaptability

Large plants can present adaptation problems of various kinds. First of all, having been in a different climate for a long time, they may have developed different foliar characters which, being large, will be very expensive to renew. In addition, large plants, if they have been in containers for a long time, can develop growth forms that hinder their further development, such as spiraling of the root, or that can condition the appearance they show for the rest of their lives, such as the anomalous thinness of the stipes (trunks, which in palm trees cannot grow in width once formed). Finally, a small palm tree planted in the garden, which survives the first few years, is a safe bet, since as it grows it will gain more rusticity and resistance, and will be able to withstand increasingly extreme events, even punctual, such as great droughts or cold waves. However, a palm tree purchased already large and for much more money could last a few years but would still be susceptible to death in extreme weather events.

5 Safe shippment

The ‘mini’ palms are easy to ship and our cardboard box ensures a stable hold of the plant. Being shipped in boxes measuring 14 x 14 x 70 cm (width x length x height) and weighing only about 2 kg, we can send them by express parcel, which arrives in 24 hours anywhere on the Iberian peninsula, and between 2 to 5 days to most of Europe. All in all, the plants suffer less than if they were shipped in larger boxes or on pallets, which not only make shipping more expensive and exponentially increase pollution, but also make shipping more difficult, so the plants spend more time locked up and without access to the sunlight.

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