Palm tree fertilizer

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Prevents the most frequent nutritional deficiencies

Organic fertilizer made with high-quality plant and animal material that solves the most common nutritional deficiencies in all kinds of ornamental palm trees, making the plant green again and stimulating vigorous growth. As it is a controlled release fertilizer, it only needs to be applied a few times per year so that the palm tree always has the amount of nutrients it needs.

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Special premium quality fertilizer for palm trees (NPK 7-6-10), with a high content of potassium (K) and microelements such as iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg), whose deficiency is the most frequent cause of yellowing and lack of of vigor in outdoor ornamental palms. Three applications a year are recommended, at the beginning of spring, summer and autumn, preferably mixing the product with the substrate or buried under the grass, from 30 g to 200 g of product per palm tree depending on size. High content of organic matter and humic substances, which have a beneficial effect on the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, improving root development of the plant and nutrient absorption.

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