Anti-frost blanket

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Blanket to protect your palm trees from frost

The perfect cover to protect the most tender palm trees in case of frost, which will allow you to keep in your garden palms that are somewhat more sensitive to cold than would be possible in your climate, and still look healthy and beautiful. For palm trees that are very sensitive to cold or for more intense frosts, it is recommended to use it in combination with a thermal cable.

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Polypropylene anti-frost blanket with high porosity, permeability and light transmission that maintains the temperature 3-4 ºC above ambient, protecting the plant from frost. In combination with the thermal cable, it will keep the heat generated in the inner air chamber in contact with the organs of the palm tree. It is recommended to wrap a cloak around the palm with the leaves tied in a tuft in preparation for frost, and remove as soon as the frosts have ended. 17g/m2. It is sold per linear meter, so it is recommended to select the number of meters that the palm tree has to protect in height.

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