Earthworm humus

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The perfect organic product to transplant your new palm trees

Worm humus is an organic fertilizer that derives from the transformation of organic waste by the activity of earthworms. If you are planning to transplant your new palms to the soil in your garden, we recommend that you mix this product with the soil to protect and nourish your new palm tree during the transplant and subsequent acclimatization. The humus by ‘Suelo Fertil’ is produced in Candeleda and shipped directly from our nursery, so by buying it here you will be minimizing the shipping carbon footprint.

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Ecological and 100% natural product, improves the chemical (nutrient) and physical (aeration, water retention) properties of the soil, promotes the formation of mycorrhizae, enriches the soil in organic matter and beneficial microorganisms, and protects newly transplanted plants from diseases and environmental shocks such as sudden changes in temperature or PH.

Composition (Analysis carried out by laboratory No10/007. CIMATED):

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