We offer maintenance and care services for your palm trees

We offer professional care and maintenance services in the regions of Valle del Tiétar (Ávila), Campo Arañuelo and La Vera (Cáceres), Campana de Oropesa, Sierra de San Vicente and Talavera (Toledo), and Comarca Sur, Sierra Oeste, and Metropolitan Area (Madrid).

Below you can consult our services and indicative prices, but to obtain a personalized quote, contact us at


Pruning consists of cutting the oldest palms from near the base of the petiole. Skinning is the finest treatment in which sheaths (leaf bases firmly hugging the trunk) are removed, leaving the ‘trunk’ surface smooth and stylized. Pruning and skinning your palm trees is a maintenance job that goes beyond aesthetics (find out on our blog).

We offer professional pruning and skinning services for palm trees for individuals, companies and public areas. Pruning and skinning palms can damage them, and may attract and facilitate infection by pests such as the red palm weevil, so it must be done properly and at the right time of year. We carry out pruning with a saw or corbellote and skinning is done with a corbellote for date trees and with a cutter, leaf by leaf, for other varieties.

 PruningSkinningPruning + skinning
Washingtonia10.00 €45.00 €50.00 €
Washingtonia > 10 m20.00 €60.00 €75.00 €
Phoenix10.00 €35.00 €40.00 €
Phoenix > 10 m20.00 €50.00 €70.00 €
Trachycarpus10.00 €50.00 €55.00 €

Aproximated prices per linear meter of trunk, do not include travel (+ 0.75 €/km), includes removal of pruned material.


We carry out preventive and curative treatments for palm trees against the red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, discover more about this insect on our blog):

Endotherapy: The most effective and safe treatment to protect a palm tree against the insect is through periodic injections with phytosanitary products. We offer the complete annual preventive treatment service with SOSPALM™ products at a price of €120/year per palm tree (6 visits) + travel (€0.75/km) + cost of materials (on first visit only).

Biologic control. If you have multiple palm trees in your garden, and you want to control the spread of weevil populations that might infect one of them, entomopathogenic fungi are a very effective biological control method. Ask for prices.

Phytosanitary spray application. In the event that one of your palm trees is infected by the fungus and you wish to carry out a treatment to try to save it, we offer the possibility of treating it by foliar spraying with phytosanitary products. Ask for prices.

You will also find in our store products for the treatment of palm trees, such as SOSPALM™ traps and endotherapy tools: We deliver to all the European Union.

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